It ruffled a lot of feathers for so-called seculars as soon as the matter of Cow slaughtering came into the news once again. By the way, the ‘Cow Protection’ subject has also completed its three years with Modi Govt for being a center of controversies. And in this way, whenever any happening come related to Cow Protection in the news, a lot of applauses, criticism, and debates trigger together without any delay from different sections of the society.

This time also somewhat exactly happened which brought amid commotion once Ministry of Environment issued a notification as Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Regulation of Livestock rules 2017. The ruling is said to be for the regulation of Animal Market and the sale of Cattles into this market. Furthermore, the objective is to ensure the care of the cattle dealt in the market. And to make it happened, various rules are defined under it; like cattle should only be sold for agricultural purpose in Animal markets with the undertaking from buyers and sellers. There are also rules how animals can be transported and where animal markets can’t be set up with the aim to stop illegal interstate and across the border smuggling. This was in the pursuit to Supreme Court’s direction to prevent Animal cruelty.

Inappropriately, due to some misinterpretation of said notification in Main Stream Media and Social Media both; it has been giving an impression that the move is for the ban of slaughtering of Cows by Modi Government. And that is certainly more than enough to give birth to a controversy. As it’s already known, that there’s a series of controversies over the ‘cow vigilantism’ since new Govt formed. For media, Gau Rakshak groups have been found as a soft target to frame on the accusations as communal forces or fringe elements. As far as media reporting is concerned covering this topic; there has been consistently one-sided reporting of the stories; be it Una incident, Udhampur or latest one of Alwar. There has been clearly attempting to suppress the illegality happened at the side of cattle smugglers, and on the contrary to frame Cow Vigilantes; there has been much-scripted stories and exaggeration are done on the part of Media. By giving a platform to the so-called intelligentsia, they run their biased and hatred campaign against Hindu Sentiments. Surely, such a controversial topic provides a lot of sensationalism to the media, and such reporting tactics help them to gain TRPs, their ultimate motto.

Undoubtedly, the above news about this move would have made happy to the community which is concerned about the Protection of Cow in line with their religious sentiments linked towards their sacred animal. Certainly, with such country wide new ruling, illegal smuggling and slaughtering of the Cattles can be scaled down. By this decision, the Gau Rakshak (Serving by legal means) groups who have been campaigning to prevent the slaughtering of Cows will have some support of the new law. Till now their volunteer efforts to curb such illegal smuggling and slaughtering were mostly bounded themselves into the legal trouble by framing it as goondaism. Thus they have been landing up into the situation that they can’t defend themselves in a legal way. But the new rule should safeguard their activism.

Whereas on the other side Interestingly, the move enabled some political and Anti-Hindu elements to turn violent on the pretext of the protest for people’s fundmental rights. So called secular brigade including political parties like CPI(M), TMC and Congress have started politicizing the issue out of it. They’re misleading the country by claiming it as complete ban imposed by Govt on Cow Slaughterhouses. By being a fear monger, they argued that slaughtering is now being considered as a form of cruelty and therefore Govt is criminalizing the element of slaughter. 

On this line, the political parties have started the demonstration in most cruel manner. For instance SFI, a youth wing of CPM had organized the beef festival at more than 200 centers all across the Kerala. Indeed, state Govt of communists endorses such activities to take place.

Youth Congress Workers slaughtered Cow publicly, and that is too in front of Children. Later they cooked its meat and served to the audience. What kind of cruelty it is! Is this the way to demonstrate your disagreement!

This particular incident attracts severe criticism on the social media; on Twitter #गउ_हत्यारी_Congress hashtag had been trending in top trends for almost 24 hours.

Especially, in this particular incident; it apparently came out that; there aren’t only pro-emotions in the society which advocate for the protection of the animal, for being a source of economy for such long centuries to the agricultural countries like India; but indeed, anti-emotions are also there, which doesn’t reflect only the political animosity, but also the hatred towards the community who holds such religious sentiments. The beef fest show down is just an hypocrisy at the peak by those who gone mad after new rulings.

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